Sas Paszt

Paszt  Lidia Sas: The III Internatioal Summer School organised by Professor Natalia A. Demeshkant was excellent in terms of management of research activities and scientific outputs. We received a very warm welcoming and very interesting introductory speach from Professor Sergey Kvasha — the Vice-Rector Prof the University. Professor Natalia Demeshkant gave to all the participants great scientific support, as well as always friendly and very kind help. National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine is an outstanding Research Centre in the area of agriculture and innovative technologies in food production. Soil science, sustainable agriculture, food production and other research topics are held at the University at the highest international level. The University provides to the students excellent teaching and supportive possibilities. The presented lectures were very interesting and well received by the students. The students have shown their high level of learning abilities. There was an excellent understanding between the students and the University Professors, which creates a very friendly environment and scientific atmosphere at the University.

Participating in this summer school was a golden opportunity for me, because I have acquired a lot of information about Ukrainian agricultural production and novel technologies, both at the university and also during the visit study to the agricultural enterprise. I hope that my visit here will initiate research cooperation between my Institute in Poland and the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine.

Thank you very much to Professor Natalia Demeshkant and to the Professor’s Staff at the University for their kind help and great hospitality during my visit here.

I wish for the University scientists as well as the students to get further great achievements in the field of agricultural innovations and sustainable development.

With a deep appreciation and gratefulness,
Prof. Lidia Sas Paszt
Research Institute of Horticulture, Skierniewice, Poland

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